8 indoor alternative winter workouts

Ryan Healy is a personal trainer for the Lynch/van Otterloo (LVO) YMCA in Marblehead. She is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA, and earned her BS in Exercise Sports Science from Elon University. Find more posts by her in conjunction with the LVO YMCA at yhealthandwellness.wordpress.com. She can be reached at healyr@northshoreymca.org.

Remember; please consult your doctor before starting any exercise program.

Parts of Boston have already seen their first snowfall this year, and soon temperatures will be dropping even further, sending us inside for much of the winter fighting off cabin fever. Getting your regular workouts in can deter those winter blues and help your mind and body feel much better. You don’t have to be restricted to taking group exercise classes and going to the gym though. Here are some creative and alternative ideas for indoor winter exercise options.

1. Rock climbing: Many local health clubs and facilities offer indoor rock walls where you can use your strength, balance, coordination, and logic to help you ascend to the top. A wonderful workout for the body and mind. Three great climbing gyms in the area include Boston Rock Gym in Woburn, Metro Rock in Everett, and Rock Spot Climbing in Boston. This website also lists other options across Massachusetts.

2. Swimming: From traditional laps, to playing with your kids, or water running, there are many options when it comes to pools. Swimming is great for so many different body shapes, sizes, and conditions because of its low impact on the joints. Most local YMCAs, JCCs, and various health clubs like the Boston Athletic Clubs all offer access to Olympic pools.

3. Racquetball: Indoor court games like racquetball or squash provide heart pumping workouts that use skill, coordination, and power. Playing with a friend can also be a great way to catch up and make the time you’re exercising go by quickly and enjoyably. Some places even offer leagues that you can join if you’re looking for more competition. Many of the types of facilities listed under number two will also have racquetball or squash courts.

4. Jumping Rope: If your joints can handle it, jumping rope can be a fabulous way to fit in cardiovascular exercise. Try skipping for 30 seconds then resting for a minute, and repeating that 8-10 times in an interval format. Here’s a great video demonstrating 7 different ways to jump and keep things interesting.

5. Boxing Workouts: Peter Welch has a popular gym in South Boston that teaches fighter style conditioning workouts. All sessions are taught by former or current professional boxers and emphasize confidence, conditioning, and coaching.

6. Sky Zone: For something a little different and a lot of fun, try this indoor trampoline park. Not only is it a great place to exercise with your kids, it can make a really fun date too. There are different games you can play including dodge ball or basketball, and there’s even a foam pit to jump into. Whether you choose just to jump or to participate in any of the sports, you’ll be sweating and moving the whole time!

7. Stair Intervals: What’s more classic then running up a set of stairs like Rocky until you’re huffing and puffing? Try running up and down a flight of stairs for a minute and then stop to catch your breath. Once your breathing has slowed down and you could hold a conversation if you needed to without sucking wind, repeat the stair climb again for another minute. Try this anywhere from 8-12 times. If you want to make it more challenging, add in a few bodyweight exercises once you get to the bottom of the stairs (after the minute ends) like squats, push-ups, lunges, planks, or burpees.

8. Home Workouts: Try this simple but effective 10 minute workout I designed that you can do anywhere. If you’d like a longer workout, go through this several times.

I hope this helps generate new ideas for you this winter! I’d love to hear from you too. How do you stay active in the winter?

Personal trainer Annie Padrid stresses ‘functional fitness’

On the second floor of a Hyde Park coffee shop, a transformative health experience awaits in a gym gleaming with light.

State of the art exercise machines fill an entire room while treadmills and stationary bikes line the perimeter. The spotless white interior paired with floor to ceiling windows make the first step inside The Space seem ethereal.

For Annie Padrid, this is her heaven.

Padrid, 29, is the owner of The Space, which opened in March. She found the studio a few years ago and completely renovated it before opening her doors.

Previously a trainer at Bally Fitness and a graduate of the University of Michigan, Padrid allows others trainers to use her studio in addition to training her own clients.

The Space’s focus is on what Padrid calls “functional fitness” needed to complete everyday tasks. She wants clients to be able to pick up hefty pet food bags at the store or take the stairs without getting out of breath. She stresses that staying active with your to-do list is one way of staying fit.

Padrid offers personal training, group exercise classes and individual studio memberships. She also holds sunrise and sunset yoga classes, boot camps and stretch therapy.

For alternative health needs, Padrid refers clients to a massage therapist, certified dietitian for nutrition guidance and even a nail technician.

Padrid’s clients include individuals of all ages, sizes and health concerns. Carol, an older woman with terrible balance, has worked with Padrid since her Bally days.

Padrid guides Carol through a stationary bike and treadmill warm-up, then it is off to the ball for balance exercises.

“I have horrible balance and I truly know it,” Carol says. “But Annie gets me through it.”

Padrid encourages Carol throughout the sessions, calling her a “rock star.” She offers her hands when Carol finds herself wobbly, but never lets her give up.

“These are basic principles for daily living, and for Carol, being able to balance is a priority,” she said.

Marshall Sahlins, a University of Chicago anthropologist, said he relies on Padrid to combat his drop foot, artificial hip and COPD.

He trades faux-grumpy jokes with Padrid about his health conditions as she encourages him to workout harder during their boxing sessions.

Another client is a mother of three who visits Padrid twice a week for circuit training.

They spend time talking about non-exercise related family matters, mixed with a few choice words about the rigours of completing the circuit regimen.

Despite their differences, clients share an important point of view – they say they return to Padrid because they see results from her positive, total body perspective.

One of Padrid’s most popular programs is her boot camp. A five-minute treadmill warm up is followed by quickened lower body exercises with a Bosu ball. Then, clients are led to the park outside The Space for a sprint – all while holding five-pound weights overhead. At every turn of the trail, Padrid challenges her boot campers to pump the weights twenty times.

The session isn’t over yet.

Returning inside, Padrid leads clients through pushups and squats. Then, as the sun slowly set in the distance, it’s back outside for more running. This time campers held their hands behind their backs and pumped out 10 arduous jump squats at each corner.

On the home stretch, it’s back to the Bosu ball to target lower body muscles and then a glory ride on stationary bikes.

Despite catering to a variety of needs, Padrid’s exercises always have the same theme. Padrid wants to improve strength, agility and endurance while still protecting the body.

Whether they are putting their luggage in the overhead compartment of a plane or climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, Padrid pushes clients to reach their health goals with a tough, keep-moving approach.

In addition to operating her own gym, Padrid also hosts a workout group called RunThisTownCHI, a social fitness movement founded in Detroit. Padrid connected with the founders and brought the party to her Hyde Park studio.

Every Saturday at 10 a.m., anyone is welcome to The Space for thirty minutes of mingling followed by an hour workout of the pushups, squats and uppercuts Padrid practices.

“The founders call it ‘networking out,’” said Padrid. “It is a great way to raise awareness about fitness and to let people socialize.”

Although RunThisTownCHI is in its early stages, the free workout and friendly atmosphere echoes Padrid’s perspective.

Even functional fitness isn’t about overnight results. Rather, Padrid works to change lifestyles with positive attitudes as well as exercise.

Clarence Moore, fitness professional at The Space, works closely with the trainer and follows her healthy life outlook.

“You can’t learn everything in a week from Annie Padrid,” he said.

Exercise crosses generations with help of fitness trainer

Rick Schlemm was only supposed to visit Hickory Glen once.

The 28-year-old personal trainer stopped by the retirement living community to show residents how to use their new cardio equipment.

But in less than an hour, both Rick and the residents were head over heels for each other.

“They instantly took to him,” said Jill Canaday, Hickory Glen community manager. “He makes them feel so good about themselves. I’ve never met anyone like him.”

Certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Schlemm primarily works with clients in home settings. But for one hour each Wednesday afternoon, you’ll find him pushing residents of Hickory Glen to their full potential.

“Fitness wasn’t always a priority in my life, so I’m passionate about showing its benefits to all age groups,” he said. “People have an idea of seniors and what they’re capable of. But with Hickory Glen, when they say active senior living – they’re not joking around.”

Fitness at any age
Last February, Canaday helped transform the residents’ fitness room from its two old stationary bicycles to a space featuring two recumbent ellipticals, one treadmill, one recumbent bike, one Airdyne bike, a resistance machine, pedometers, medicine balls, stretchy bands and low-weight dumbbells.

Add Rick’s assistance, and it’s practically a full-fledged fitness center.

“I started off giving them a goal, something tangible and educational, to be working on when I wasn’t there,” Schlemm said.

And did they ever meet the challenge.

One resident, Dorothy “Dottie” Stone, regularly logs 20 miles a day on the elliptical while she reads. She’s 91 years old.

Her friend, Mary Lou Mitchell, 69, has battled balance problems for the last decade and could initially only take three steps on the treadmill. In the past two weeks, she’s logged 276 miles on the elliptical and her balance has greatly improved.

“I gave them a map of the state and challenged them to go from southern to northern Illinois. Each week they logged miles on this giant chart. In just three to four weeks, they traveled from northern to southern Illinois back to northern Illinois. I couldn’t believe it. So now we’re working on going from the West Coast to the East (Coast).”

Mutual inspiration
Stone and Mitchell are part of the 12 to 15 regulars who attend Schlemm’s class, which focuses on a different theme each week, like hydration, mobility or stabilization.

Personal Trainer: How to Choose Best Instructor for Your Needs

Personal trainer offers you best training about how to become physically fit and slim. Most of the trainers are available to give to training tips. But it is your responsibility to choose well trained and qualified person to guide you. These days people have become more conscious about their figure and body shape. They want to look slim and attractive. Not only women but men also want to look slim and physically fit. They are very serious about their physical comfort and health and even beginner and expert exercisers desire to work with personal fitness trainer because they offer a sensible and reasonable method of keeping yourself vigorous and robust. People should keep some things in mind before selecting fitness trainer for them.

Things to keep in mind while selecting personal trainer:

•Experience of the trainer is the most important thing that you must consider. You should search for trainer who have a knowledge about how to teach muscle training, cardio, stretching. You must learn these things to maintain your physique.

•Look at the personal appearance of your trainer. Fitness trainers are always physically fit and act. You should not choose the trainers who are overweighed or obese. You should select the trainer who is similar to your age, is clearly aware of the training, nourishment, and lifestyle that go into being in excellent physical shape.

•Compatible personality is another essential thing. Collect information about what kind of training style he or she used. You can create a good relationship with your trainer. These trainers are frank but sometimes become react strictly. You should manage your time. You may need to speak as you work out, to relax and concentrate. One should choose the trainer who constantly leaves you feeling improved physically, and emotionally, when you leave your session.

•Dependability is essential if you are undergoing training. You can choose the trainer who can understand and manage according to you and your time. You understand what time is best for you and offer training according to it.

•Select a trainer whose only aim is to make you physically fit. They should always focus on you from start to finish. Don’t stay for a fitness trainer who walks away and leaves you on a machine. If your trainer is experience he will only focus on you.

•Good trainer always motivates you. Your trainer should motivate you and also focus on your diet. Most of the trainer suggests their trainees what to eat and what should not. Diet is the most important thing that helps you to make physically fit and active.

•Your trainer should be mature. You should also know that the level of instructional training can vary. Some personal trainers have work out functioning degrees while others may have any number of personal training certificates. Choose anyone who has a great agreement of instructional training.


Elite Personal Trainer Sacramento

Elite Personal Trainer SacramentoDid you know that every 2 out of 3 Americans are overweight? This isn’t hard to believe whenever you go out to your local market or fast food restaurant. Many people have been fighting the battle of the bulge for years and the only problem is that they are losing. What they need is an elite personal trainer.
Sometimes people will go to a gym and try to get the help that they need there. There could be an instructor there that tells you how to use the equipment or you may even hire one of the fitness trainers but if you do not have an elite personal trainer you could find that you are not going to be able to get the results that you want at all. The reason that you need an elite personal trainer is because trainers with little experience are not going to fully know what they need to know to give you the results that you want. I understand that the people that you have most likely used have had different certifications. Some of these are good certifications but nothing really trumps an elite personal trainer that has hours and hours of experience training different body types and people from different walks of life.

If you are having a problem trying to get weight off then your best solution is an elite personal trainer. You will be able to see results that you never thought that you would have been able to see before in your life.Whenever you use an elite personal trainer from Old School Fitness you are going to be sure to get the results that you have been searching for. There are over 10 trainers that work under this company and almost all of them are named as top trainers in the US and some are even top trainers in the world. This means that you are going to have the ability to get great advice and guidance from people that are in high demand.

You don’t get some routine that has been put through the ringer through many different people. The trainer will put together a routine that is going to work just for and will allow you to get the results that you want through hard work and perseverance. You will be able to get the body of your dreams whenever you follow the guidance that is given. Now you have no more excuses for not being able to get the results that you want.

Reasons Why A Female Shopper Will Exercise With A Female Personal Trainer

Losing a few pounds is an overly personal subject, especially for women. This is the reason privacy is likely one of the considerations to imagine when choosing a personal trainer. Every other thing to imagine, especially when you’re training at house is the gender of your personal trainer. After all, women are other from men, particularly with regards to training. So much ladies wish to trim down and tone their tummy not to add a six p.c. abs. Male private trainers have a tendency to forget about and tutor their clients as they want for themselves. But after all, among the ladies didn’t wish to revel in that. They do not wish to achieve six percent abs.

In fact, aside from that there are different the explanation why feminine purchasers must workout with a feminine non-public trainer. Do not you already know that if a female consumer rent a male personal teacher, there are some bad feedbacks?

First, a female client will feel insecure after they do the exercise application with a strange guy supervising. That is especially true in case you are doing the training inside of your personal home. If you’re exercise with other people of the similar gender, you’ll put on whatever workout attire you have. This is not the similar in case you are exercising with a male personal trainer. All the way through out the day, you will be pondering whether your instructor will see your non-public flesh and some of your own body parts. After all, some may also have insecurities approximately their bodies. Even though the male in question is the non-public trainer, he’s nonetheless male. Feminine clients can get fearful or even distracted while anyone from opposite gender is taking a look all over their our bodies while they are sweating. And the most efficient factor of all, such a lot girls think that personal training with the same gender will create better results.

In fact as a woman, you favor that your teacher assist you to together with your goals. With female trainers, you’ll make sure that they realize what you want and they can be mindful what you’re going through. And of course, a few female purchasers need to form friendship along with her trainer. And of course, if a female shopper hires a feminine personal instructor, she is going to already realize and consider your frame’s cycles akin to menstruation. (Of course, you’ll be able to’t do the exercise if a male personal instructor is guiding you throughout menstruation).

As a girls consumer, you additionally would need to steer clear of uncomfortable moments like when he is preserving your elbows to steer your weight or when he lifts you whilst being so in detail as regards to you that you’ll be able to really feel his body warmth in your back from his muscular chest. In some example, this may end up in undesirable situations and feelings are developed.

There could also be the query of sexual harassment. Ladies clients is not going to know whether a slightly is done to help her or it’s already sexual in nature. After all, if you’re doing your own coaching at house, you do not need your boyfriend or your husband to get jealous from your male non-public trainer. It’s best to just avoid this problem by means of getting a female fitness trainer.

Some other distinction among a feminine personal teacher and a male one is the truth that the former is assertive even as the latter is aggressive on the subject of training. Then a lady consumer wanted an individual trainer, who they are able to relate to. What higher particular person to do it than any individual who’s going via the similar issues as they are.